MailScreen is the best solution for lead collection.

By making the process of finding and collecting leads simple & easy, you will be able to easily scale your outreach plans.

    Email Search Example

    Here is an example of a search result you might get using MailScreen.

    Score Website Moz DA Spam Score Backlinks Updated Contact Info

    347 One Stop Destination For Outdoor Gear Talk - Outdoor Empire has everything you need to choose your first or tenth piece of outdoor gear and practical tips on how to make the best use of it out in...
    42 3% 1,432 7/3/19
    Easy Lead Collection

    Our tool makes gathering leads a very simple process, just search and add to your campaign.

    Advanced Scoring

    MailScreen scores each potential lead to indicate how likey they are to respond, so you don't waste your time on ineffective leads.

    Convert Cold Leads

    Our system is built to help you turn cold emails into warm leads, we'll let you know when the most optimal time to reach out to your lead is.

    Our Features

    Find out what makes our tool so unique and powerful for gathering effective leads.


    Easily Find Relevant Leads

    Simply search for a keyword or query, and we will return optimized lead reports based on google's search results. Why use a limited database, when you can get realtime results for any query? Here are some of the data points we return to help you find effective leads:

    Domain Authority

    Backlink Count

    Spam Score

    Contact Information

    MailScreen Lead Score*


    Pick The Best Leads For Your Project

    Once you've searched a keyword and have the results, you can freely filter and sort the potential leads. You can then selectively decide which leads are best for you, and add them to your outreach campaign.

    Warmth Metric

    Improve Conversion of Leads

    Once contacts have been added to your campaign they will have a warmth indicator. Every time you contact the lead, through blog comments, social media, or email, your warmth score goes up. Once the warmth score hits 100%, you're ready to send your pitch.

    Track the "Warmth" of different Contacts.

    Make the most of each and every lead.

    Get Updates on MailScreen

    Be the first to join the MailScreen community. Get early access to the tool, and help us decide future features and implementations.

      How It Works

      Learn about how our system works so you can better understand the value we provide to our users.


      Gather Data

      We use real-time google search results, instead of an outdated database. So you always get the best results, without limitation.


      Analyze & Score

      Each potential lead is vetted through our analysis process. We give you the core information needed to determine the potential of each lead.


      Create Campaigns

      Finally, selectively choose each lead to be added to a personalized campaign, which can then be viewed and exported.

      Have any Questions ?

      If you have any Questions, Suggestions, or if you just want to chat. Shoot us an email and we'll get back to you ASAP.